Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Couture - Cute Clothes for Little Angels! Future Giveaway!! I am LOVING Vintage Couture!! Vintage Couture is a line of PRECIOUS clothing and accessories for children and moms. Most of their clothing is for the little ones, but they do offer some GREAT clothes for mom occasionally as well. They have hair bows, blankets, diaper bags, etc. It's SUPER fun, SUPER fashionable and SUPER unique! This is a fairly new line, so you won't see many people wearing it - dress your little one in it and you're sure to be a hit!!

I LOVE that they have super stylish clothing for boys AS WELL as for girls. It's easy to find fun things for my daughter, but not so easy when it comes to my son.

Go to Vintage Couture, scroll to the bottom left-hand corner and click to browse the catalog. For every $100 spent (not necessarily from one person, just any sales that add up to $100), I will be hosting a Vintage Couture giveaway!! This offer will go through the end of May, so pass along to your friends and at the end of May be sure to follow along and look for the giveaway postings. Have fun shopping!!

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