Thursday, February 4, 2010

B1G1 Plush Disney Toys - GREAT Deal!

I'm LOVING this deal!! I received an email from Mr. Rebates about a Disney special today where you can buy one plush toy and get another plush toy FREE! These begin at $8.50, so you with tax, shipping and everything included, my total came to $12.49 for two plush lovies - a Buzz Light Year and Woody Character from Toy Story. They have lots to choose from - Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Lightning McQueen, Toy Story, Nemo and lots more!! The Short One's birthday is coming up in March, so this is a STEAL for two of these!! To make it even better?? You can go through Mr. Rebates to get 5% cash back!! If you've never used Mr. Rebates, YOU SHOULD!! I always login with them for ANY shopping I'm going to do online. There are some other great rebate sites out there too, but this is one of my favorites. To get your two plush toys (which would make GREAT gifts, Disney items hold up VERY WELL!), just go to Mr. Rebates (sign up if you aren't a member already...):

Mr. Rebates

Then do a store search for "Disney Store". Pull it up and you'll see the offer for the plush toys. Click on the link for "Buy one get one free Disney Plush Toys". When the page pulls up, you can sort the plush toys by price to see the lower priced items first. Put the two in your cart you wish to purchase and BE SURE to enter the promo code FREEPLUSH ...then check out like usual and you have yourself a great deal! Yay for Disney (and Mr. Rebates)!

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AshleyOhio said...

that is so awesome! My daughter has buzz, she loves toy story!