Saturday, February 20, 2010

A New Animal Group Via The Short One

So we're reading a book last night about animals. Each page has a category of animals with various animals on the page. For example, one page was Safari Animals: Zebra, Elephant, etc. The next page was Farm Animals: Cow, Pig, Horse, etc. Each page had about 10 animals on it and some of them were rather difficult...predators, types of birds, but...The Short One was doing pretty well...until...

We got to the "Animals as Pets" page...and I thought, this will be the easiest page yet! After all, we've already gone through all the baby animal names, Lemur, Bobcat, Puffin...we've got this pet thing DOWN. Well, as I pointed to the animal, he named it..."Cat, Dog, Goldfish, Ferret"...he even got ferret?! Then I point to the Gerbil. And what does he say??

Zhu Zhu Pet!!

Aaahhh...confusion...thanks to the lovely and rather wealthy creators of the much loved Zhu Zhu

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Maureen Lee said...

I love the fact that your blog contains posts about "fun books, reading tools and ways to create lifelong LOVERS of reading"! My kids are grown now, but we made it our mission to encourage a love of reading in them. "Zhu Zhu Pets" is a hoot! :)

Maureen Lee