Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Make Snowcream - IT'S SNOWING in ALABAMA!

I was thinking I needed to put a new recipe up and today IT'S SNOWING in Alabama so I couldn't think of anything better than ...snowcream!! Now, this may be old news to those of you who don't live in the south, but for us "southern folk", this is a recipe we don't get to pull out much! What a fun way to celebrate a snow day with your family - for free!

It's been snowing here for about four hours now and I hope it's beautiful! This is the first significant snow my son will be able to remember, so I'm excited for him! We've been building a snowman, but we had to come in so "mommy" could get out of wet clothes and warm up by the fire...I obviously didn't dress appropriately - ha! Now, the little one is napping and we're off to finish our snowman when he wakes up...and then we'll make snowcream.

If you've never made it, we take the simple route:

Basic Recipe

1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
large bowl of snow (about 3 quarts)

Blend milk, sugar and vanilla. Stir in enough snow to make snow cream to an ice cream consistency.

Variations - You can always substitute canned cream for milk for a heavier flavor. Add Nestles Quik for a chocolate snow cream, or use instant cocoa mix. Another variation is to add plump raisins and cinnamon, or add a beaten egg for a nog taste. A friend even said sometimes she will puree an overripe banana and add to the mixture. Get creative - you know your family's tastes! For us, we like the good old fashion PLAIN snowcream's such a rarity in and of itself!

Always make sure the snow is clean. It takes at least one to two hours for snow to clean the pollutants from the air, then use only snow that has fallen after that first cleansing snow. It also goes without saying (but I will anyway), to make sure you do not collect the snow where animals and birds eat (or do other things). Stress that with the kids, because this is a treat even the younger ones can make on their own! It would be just like The Short One to serve up "Snow Poop" :)


Laura said...

I live in Troy, AL and just earlier this morning I was thinking that I had seen a recipe for some type of snow ice cream in blog land but I couldn't think of how to make it! I wish I had seen this one earlier!

Champagne Wisdom said...

Isn't it great when it snows in Alabama? Maybe we'll have another chance for you to use the recipe this year - you never know! :)