Friday, February 12, 2010

Swagbucks: Are YOU Earning Free Stuff?

Search & Win

I LOVE Swagbucks!! If you haven't heard of it, or even if you have but you haven't signed up - I HIGHLY recommend it!! It is my NUMBER ONE favorite way to earn free gift cards - and you earn LOTS!! Why? Because you earn for doing something you would already be doing anyway - searching! When I signed up for Swagbucks, I downloaded the toolbar on both my home and work computers - so I could search from both locations. And today is THE perfect day to sign up - it's Mega Swagbucks Day!! Searching could earn you 10, 25, 50 or even 100 swagbucks today...and it only takes 45 Swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift card!

Here are the basics of Swagbucks:
You earn bucks for searching and then redeem those bucks for Amazon gift cards, Paypal cash, Movie tickets, and the list goes on... I ALWAYS purchase Amazon gift cards. You can purchase these in $5 increments and stack them when you're making purchases. So if you're making a $25 purchase from Amazon, you can use 5 of your $5 Amazon gift cards AND you get free shipping on any Amazon purchase of $25 or more - so everything is FREE! I've purchased shoes, birthday gifts, books and LOTS more this way - my total earnings are over $300 - so it really helps save $$!

When you sign up, it helps me...and when YOUR friends sign helps you! Why? When referring friends, you get a buck for every buck they your Swagbucks could pile up quickly - especially on Mega Swagbucks Days!! If you post on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc telling your friends when YOU earn bucks, they'll start joining and help you earn faster! The more people you add the more you earn. It's easy, it's free, it's money for something you're already doing!!

Go here to sign up today and earn 3 Swagbucks INSTANTLY!

Swagbucks often sends out codes for free bucks. You can check the Swagbucks Widget at the bottom of my blog daily for codes - just click "swag codes"!

Have something fun you've bought with your free gift cards or earned through Swagbucks? I would love to know!

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