Friday, February 26, 2010

Obsessed with Snuggies

The Short One is a walking infomercial for Snuggies. I promise he is. You know, those things that are like blankets with sleeves? Seriously...what happened to just wrapping a blanket around you? I'm not knocking them, I just don't really understand the concept. All I know is, my son wants one. He wants one bad. He's four, why does he want a Snuggie? He has asked for it time and time again for his upcoming birthday. I mean, easy gift...I saw them on clearance at a Target about an hour away for $'s just the fact that REALLY what you want or are the infomercials brainwashing you? On the way home today he told me that he wanted Snuggies for himself AND for the dog. Uh - the 140lb dog?! He said, "Yes, mama, we can both get a Snuggie AND we'll get a pair of socks with it...did you know that? Did you know that you can take your Snuggie ANYwhere?? In the car, to the movies, anywhere!"... is my four year old son seriously buttering me up for a SNUGGIE??? He just told me they were SO good I could put him to sleep in it. And that he would take the color "rockin' blue". Oh my...I mustn't fail him. In search of Snuggies, here I go...


Shell said...

I always laugh at these. If I ever saw someone out in public with one on, I would probably pee myself.

My 5 year old son decided that he wants a pink snuggie, though.

AshleyOhio said...

I won't deny it, I am a snuggie junkie. Wanted one from the moment I saw it and finally broke down and got one.

When they first came out there was a facebook group to add pics of you in your snuggie. So naturally everyone had to find the funniest moment to wear their snuggie and snap a picture. Hours of laughter!