Monday, January 18, 2010

2 Sweet Things - Valentine Feature and Reader Discount

2 Sweet Things is offering free shipping to Champagne Wisdom readers. Yay!! Just type "Champagne Wisdom Blog" in the notes to seller section when you make your Etsy purchase now through the month of February.

Very rarely do I wish my son was still a baby, I have so much fun with him in this stage of life, but when I ran across 2 Sweet Things , for a moment, I wished...boy did I wish he was still young enough to wear these cute little booties...but then again...maybe I don't...because I would have bought one pair of each!! You see, I'm not a big pink and blue baby kind of gal - babies need style, they need class, character...they're little people, make them unique individuals - and THAT is exactly what you can do with Mandy's creations at 2 Sweet Things. I'm telling you, you HAVE to check these out - they're stylish, they're inexpensive AND she's offering free shipping to Champagne Wisdom readers. These would make the perfect Valentine gift for that special little one you know, they would be fun birthday gifts, fun for Easter hunts (Easter will be here before we know it!)...they're just great for every day wear. I'm so in love with them!!

Mandy also makes blankets, burp cloths, bibs and more...but the booties are BY FAR her specialty...that means she's GOOD at it, really, really good! And I'm jealous...I want some for my son but his stinkin' feet are TOO BIG! Oh well... whoever you purchase these for, they're sure to love them...and you won't see the little one next door in a pair exactly the same - THAT is what I love!

Mandy was sweet enough to tell us a bit more about her shop and her sure to tell her THANK YOU for the free shipping deal - that rocks!


Tell us about the name of your Etsy Shop. What was your inspiration?

2 sweet things was first the name of my blog, which began as basically a brag book of my children (my '2 sweet things' Remy, 3, and Halle, 1). I really started sewing out of a desire to have funky & cute things for them, and when my sewing began to take over our apartment I thought i should just go for it and start selling, which was always a dream of mine. They inspire me constantly!

It looks like your booties, which are OH SO CUTE, are your premiere items. How did you get started making them?

When Halle was tiny I really wanted booties to match each of her outfits and didn't find anything like what I wanted in shops. So I just decided one day to solve that problem by making them myself. They have definitely been my best sellers! I find my customers buying them for their own little ones and also then buying them as gifts. Plus I get bunches of custom orders of people wanting them to match specific outfits, which I love!

What is your favorite item you've created so far and why?

Right now I am really loving designing dresses and clothing. As my children grow, I love creating for them at each new stage~ It's like having my own little dolls. I am busy right now sketching dress designs for spring, choosing fabrics and embellishments, and that is really exciting to me!

Is there anything you would like to tell readers about yourself on a more personal level - kids, hometown, a favorite Etsy shop, pets, etc?

At the first of the year we just moved to Illinois from Tennessee, so right now I am trying to get settled into a new place while keeping the shop going. I am so thrilled at how things have taken off in the last six months and only see bigger things for 2 sweet things in the future.

I am a bit of a blog addict and love reading all the inspiring content on a zillion different ones. Favorites include 'Scoutie Girl', 'I heart handmade', '(oh, hello friend)', and 'rikrak'.

And finally, what are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Do you celebrate? How?

I am a really girly girl and adore Valentine's Day! (Anything with all that pink and red can't be bad!) We don't really celebrate a ton at home, though I will likely create some Valentine's treats and crafts with the kids this year. The shop is a terrific outlet for that too!

I had so much fun getting to know Mandy a little better. Be sure to visit her Etsy Shop, blog, and follow her on twitter!

Remember...FREE SHIPPING! Just enter Champagne Wisdom Blog in the notes to seller section at checkout. I heart your shop, Mandy!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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