Friday, January 15, 2010

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day from Paper Prayers (Reader Discount)

It's always nice to have guidance and ideas when it comes to gift shopping. Since Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop, I thought I would share a few places to start looking for Valentine's Day through the Valentine's Day Giveaway/Etsy Event here at Champagne Wisdom. Here's another precious shop for all of your Valentine's Day shopping...and I LOVE this one because while it's perfect for Valentine's Day, it's also something you can get for just about anyone AND leave up all year round!

Jill from Paper Prayers has been kind enough to offer FREE SHIPPING to all Champagne Wisdom readers. Just mention Champagne Wisdom in Etsy's notes to seller and your shipping costs will be refunded through PayPal - from now through the end of February!

Thanks, Jill!

A little more about Paper Prayers:

What is the inspiration behind the name of your shop?

The name of my shop is also my business name. Although I've been creating art for about 8 years, I've only had an etsy shop for the last year. So it was natural to use the same name. I came up with the name "Paper Prayers" to encompass my use and love for paper and to portray the idea that this work is uplifting for your soul (and mine!)

How did you get started creating your art?

Funny enough - it all started with a Valentine's gift for my hubby! I made him a box that i covered in paper and writing, and filled it with slips of paper - each with a reason why I love him! The process was so much fun, that I continued to make things for myself and others. My mother, who is an artist and has been for years, encouraged me to join her in some art shows she was already established in and eventually my sister started creating as well! Now we do a variety of art festivals and shows in our area together as a family, and it's so much fun!

Do you work alone or with other artists?

I create my pieces alone and my etsy shop is solely my work. (my sister has her own etsy shop too: But I come from a family of artists - mother and sister - whose style is very similar. So we do shows and festivals together, mixing our work together and calling ourselves "Things With Wings."
Our work compliments each other very nicely and we have a great time on these girls' weekends! In fact, we are in the process of creating a line of our Things with Wings work to be licensed and produced debuting in 2011 that we've worked very hard on together! We are thrilled!

What is your favorite item you've created so far and why?

That's hard. I really liked this piece:
But I have new favorites all the time. Usually it's for no special reason - I just really liked the color combo. (Right now I'm really liking burnt orange!) But then when I look back on a favorite from even half a year ago, I think, "What was I thinking? I've SO moved on from that!" I'm probably my own biggest fan and worst critic all at the same time! :-)

Do you have a favorite artist or specific inspiration?

YES!!! GOD!!! He is the most creative Artist ever!!! All we have to do is look around us - at the imagination and uniqueness He used in creating nature and people to see that He is quite the Artist! He is the source of all of my inspiration. I hope to humbly use the gifts He's given me to encourage and uplift others through my work. In this way, it's really not about me.

Is there anything you would like to tell readers about yourself on a more personal level - kids, hometown, a favorite quote, pets, etc?

I live in Iowa City, Iowa with my high school sweetheart and our 3 boys - ages 10,6, and 2. My first love is Jesus - if you don't know Him, you should check Him out! I enjoy being active in my kids' school, reading and blogging. You can find us on facebook: and on our blog:

And finally, what are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? Do you celebrate?

The busier we get, the less we acknowledge it - and that's fine! It's just a fact of life! Since I don't decorate for the holiday, I wanted my "Love-themed" Etsy pieces to not be Valentine-y. They can be up year round! But I do make sure to give the boys a little treat of some kind and of course there's the school valentines to get ready for their classes - that always has to be planned in advance because it's a lot of work to sign all of them! I think it's much more important to tell your loved ones you love them on a DAILY, basis - through your words and actions. I don't get too worked up about whether I get or give candy or flowers - although my husband is usually great about it - because I KNOW I'm loved! But now that you've got me thinking, maybe I'll add some slips of paper to my hubby's box....

I hope you'll consider Paper Prayers for your Valentine's Day shopping.

You can learn more about Jill and her family's art on their family's art blog.

You can also join them on Facebook.


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