Friday, January 8, 2010

Roll Tide!

Okay, so I can't NOT post a little blog shout out to my Alabama Football's been a long time coming and I am so proud to say, they've earned their way to a National Championship. You see, football is a huge tradition in the state of Alabama. We live it. Breathe it. Dream about it. Football season is a season for family, food, fun...and of! My husband is from Louisiana and a MAJOR LSU fan, so...Nick Saban coaching there before he came to Alabama is a big deal...and... you could say we have fun around football season...a house divided. But, we root for our SEC teams as long as...they're not playing one another. Whether it's Geaux Tigers or Roll Tide, you'll find us watching our teams as they take the field all throughout football season. We had the good fortune of attending the Alabama vs. LSU game this year and let's just say, while we had a blast, it was a bit more fun for ME than it was for him...hehehe. Regardless, it was the perfect date day...I mean, it ended with an evening at The Cheesecake Factory, so we sat, he in his purple and gold, me in my crimson and white, we shared a piece of cheesecake and...we made up. ;)

The Short One remains confused...he owns an Alabama t-shirt, LSU rocking chair, Alabama jersey, LSU jersey, Alabama shaker, LSU hat...and so goes the list...but I think eventually I'll be able to sway him to go with "the good guys". Football here is serious business. And while I might be able to find it in my heart to fund a future college degree from LSU, I just don't think I could bring myself to send him to Auburn...*cringe*. So, all in fun, here are a few Alabama Football Statistics for you...

The University of Alabama was founded in Tuscaloosa in 1831, but it wasn’t until 1892 that the football team took the field for the first time. There has probably been no program that has meant as much to the identity of its home state as Alabama. Alabama can claim at least a share of 12 National Championships and make a good argument that it was unfairly denied a few others. The Tide have also claimed 21 SEC Championships. Alabama has had 30 ten win seasons, played in 53 bowl games and won 30 bowl games, which are all NCAA records. Ninety-one Alabama players have been All-Americans, but they have not had one Heisman trophy winner - until this year when Ingram was named Alabama's first Heisman recipient.

There is a long list of players that could be considered as Alabama’s best: Joe Namath, Johnny Mack Brown, Lee Roy Jordan, Ozzie Newsome, John Hannah, Cornelius Bennett, Derrick Thomas and Shaun Alexander. But if forced to choose most people would say wide receiver Don Hutson, not just for his accomplishments at Alabama but also his contribution to the NFL afterwards.

Alabama’s biggest rival is easily the Auburn Tigers and it is perhaps the number one rivalry in all of sports. When the two teams first started playing each other the rivalry got so heated and ugly that arguments and fights arose. After 41 years of refusing to play each other the two sides finally agreed to face off once again, but only if they played at a neutral site in Birmingham. Just about every single living soul in the state of Alabama is either an Alabama or Auburn fan.

I say it's great, to be, from Ala-bama. Roll Tide Roll! Way to go boys, way to go...

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