Monday, January 18, 2010

Get FREE Autographed Photos!

I'm all about inexpensive gifts...but I still want them to be meaningful. I have a GREAT idea for free, VERY cool gifts - perfect for kids, teens and any movie/music fan. Have you heard of Movie Eye? Movie Eye is a site you can go to in order to find celebrity addresses and request personalized, autographed pictures - for free! I LOVE it! I've been using it for two years now and it's very legit. I've had GREAT success with it. The theme in our elementary school library is Reading I request autographed photos from various celebrities each summer to hang on our school's reading wall. Some celebrities sent a signed photo with just their name, some signed it specifically to the students and others wrote personalized letters and notes!

The great thing about the site is - you can see photos obtained by others AND details about each address. For example, you can see how many were successful, how many have not gotten anything yet, how many are still waiting and if there were any "return to sender" - which is always a chance you take. When sending off for autographed pictures, I always send a letter with my request along with a SASE for the picture.

This would make for a GREAT birthday, Valentine, Christmas gift for fans of celebrities!! All you'd have to do is frame it in a nice frame and you have an instant, one of a kind gift!

I don't suggest this for Valentine's Day this year only because most of these take MUCH longer to come in. Some have come in the next week, others I've waited for months and still others never came. But it's worth a try, right?

So far, here are a few I have received:

Smokey Robinson - Check out the letter Smokey sent with his pic...Just made me love him more!
Jeff Foxworthy (personalized letter)
Nick Saban
Martina McBride
Dierks Bentley
Kelly Clarkson
Taylor Swift
David Cook
Tim McGraw
Rascal Flatts

...and others, I just can't remember them all! I usually stick with singers and bands because of our theme, but the site includes TV actors, movie stars, artists, authors...a little of everything!

When you go to the site, you'll have to create an account to see the addresses, but it's all free and I have NEVER received any spam from them.

Movie Eye: Get Celebrity Autographs!

You should check it might make someone you know VERY happy!!

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