Friday, January 22, 2010

The Short One Remembers the Rules

So The Short One came home the other day with a note from his preschool saying they are now a "peanut free zone"...with a HUGE picture of a peanut and a big red "X" over it. Okay. Fine with me. If my son were allergic, I would want his school to do the same thing. However, I have mixed feelings on this. You know, there are A LOT of kids allergic to A LOT of things...and in a way, I think - Hey! I buy Uncrustables, throw them in my son's lunchbox, he likes them AND it makes my life easier - don't take that away from me!! But another part of me says, okay, if my child were allergic to peanuts, I would want the school to do the same thing. You can't reason with 2,3,4 year olds and tell them, "Remember, don't eat anything with peanuts", because it just doesn't work that way. Anyway, with that being said...I FORGOT ABOUT THE NOTE. I'm usually REALLY good about that stuff, but I had an event at school (where I work) this week which made for a really long night and my son only goes to school 3 days a week, so somewhere during the time he was NOT in send. "THE" sandwich.

When The Short One came home from preschool on Wednesday he said, "Are you trying to get me KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL?!?!" Ummm...what? "Mom! We are NOT supposed to bring peanut butter. Some kids are ALLERGIC. Did you PLANT that in my lunchbox?!"

And how does he know the word "plant"?? mouth falls open...I AM SO SORRY!! I forgot! What did your teacher say? Did you get in trouble? She didn't send another note in your backpack...I was thinking snacks, cup cakes, I didn't even THINK about your sandwich.

To which he says, "Well good thing Ms. D didn't notice. Don't worry mom, I kept it under cover. But next time, get me a lunchable, okay?"

Well, it looks like he's going to get his way THIS TIME. Good thing HE has a good memory. Maybe I should just put that peanut with the big red "X" on his school calendar...then I'll look at it every day...and hopefully...remember.

Looks like I know what I'll be taking to work for lunch for a while...sandwiches from that giant box of Uncrustables I just bought. Yummy.


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From Friday followers, Interesting post. My son in law is allergic to peanuts. I'm so grateful, the grandchildren aren't. Good for you for doing your best to help.

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