Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hurting for Haiti

My prayer is for peace, comforting, renewal and miracles for the people of and in Haiti during yesterday's disaster. While not all of us are in places to offer financial support, we are all able to offer up prayer for those touched by this devastating event. The most powerful gift we can give is that of prayer. I hope you'll join me in lifting up Haiti this week and in the weeks to come. If you're able to offer financial assistance, here is a wonderful list of organizations to go through via Karen Kingsbury. Karen's three sons are adopted from Haiti. Josh's (one of Karen's sons) birth mother is currently unaccounted for...please remember them in your prayers. Thanks, Karen, for this call to action:

World Vision:
A Christian version of Red Cross - another great humanitarian organization. World Vision is set up and working to help people in the numerous locations in Haiti where their people are stationed. Even now World Vision is rallying food, water, blankets, tents, and emergency medical help. Your donation will be immediately felt with World Vision.

Hands and Feet Project
A grassroots organization that does an amazing job of caring for orphans and abandoned children and teaching the next generation about Jesus. Karen is personally connected to this group and believes deeply in their efforts.

Heart of God Ministries
A ministry that once included the orphanage where Karen adopted her three boys. Today they work exclusively in the revival, restoration and recovery of Haiti.

Lifeline Christian Mission
A ministry that works year-round in the support and spiritual growth of people in Haiti. This group is smaller, but very effective in their place in the city.

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