Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do You AR?

Do you have a child who participates in Accelerated Reader at school? Also known as AR, Accelerated Reader is a program often used in schools as a tool to improve reading comprehension. Each school uses it differently, some mandate a certain number of tests, others are more flexible. Like it or not, I don't want to get into "The Great AR Debate", but instead, offer a tool that may be of assistance if you have a child participating in AR at school. While some school systems have online AR programs where parents can log on and check the student's AR record, others do not.

AR Book Find is a great resource to find levels for AR books. Often times students want to take tests on books from home or the public library, but you may not be sure if the book qualifies for an AR test - and what level it's on for that matter. AR Book Find ( will allow you to put in ANY book title and pull up whether there is an AR test for the book as well as the level. I hope some of you will find this useful!!

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