Monday, January 11, 2010

Eyes, Lips, Face - the Way to Go for Cosmetics?

I want to know - who has tried Eyes, Lips, Face - better known as E.L.F. ---?? I've heard of their line, but haven't looked into it much until my cousin sent me an email inviting me to check out their new line (thanks, Kelli!). The more I started looking around, the more I was amazed!! Their PRICES are phenomenal - I mean, they have an entire line of cosmetics for $1 each!! They offer other items for more of course, but nothing is much more - and I'm thinking, if this is good stuff, wow - you really can't beat it! They have everything from facial cosmetics to nail polish to brushes and accessories to tell me, have any of you ever tried this?? Shipping is around $6.95 - it never changed for me from one item to ten items in my basket, so I'm thinking it's really better to order multiple items at once - to save on shipping. I'm sure shipping would go up a bit if you ordered a massive amount of makeup, but $6.95 for ten items isn't all that are a few of their specials I came across via their site and/or their twitter feed:

E.L.F. - Go here to shop now!

Shipping Discount: Pick any 10 items and pay just $5 for shipping - makes it even better! Use promo code ECPICKZ

Dear John Sweepstakes sponsored by E.L.F. - win a Girl's Night Out, E.L.F. gift cards and more!

10 free $1 products from the "Get the Look" section (tab on top of website) - when you spend $20 - so if you can get the $5 shipping with this offer, that's 20 items for $15!! Even if shipping is still $6.95, it'll be less than $1 per item - shipping included. Not too shabby! Use code 2010


lisa said...

I never personally tried these product but i did receive good reviews. Have you tried target? that would save you shipping cost.

Kelli said...

I have used the plumping lip gloss! It is great!