Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dear Lincoln Logs:

Dear Lincoln Logs,

I love you. My son has been playing with you for hours. I was worried. He's quiet. He is still. He isn't jumping off the couch, spinning like a top on the floor, jumping on the bed, going through the pantry, climbing in a chair, riding on the dog or "creating" with spoons, underwear, crayons, jewelry or other things he's found in mommy and daddy's drawers. He's. Just. Sitting. And...building. He's built a house. He's built a fort. He's now building a fence. He's not asking for help. He's not talking at all. He's not about to fall off something. He's sitting. On BOTH butt cheeks. What do you put in your blocks? Is it magic dust? I hope it's not harmful. It must be awfully powerful to have such control over my usually "active" son. Movies can't do it. Activity or coloring books can't do it. Cooking with mommy can't do it. Playing GI Joe with daddy can't do it. How do YOU do it? He's been in his playroom for over an hour. I keep peeking in on him because it is SO quiet in there. I mean scary quiet. Spiderman can't do this. Batman can't do this. The Green Lantern can't do this. The Leapster can't do this. I. need. more. blocks. I promise to buy every new set you come out with if you will please make more. I need a set for every room, the cars and preschool. Will you send me the recipe?


The Short One's Mom


Summer said...

That is adorable!

Jennifer H said...

I think I should get some of these.....maybe my son will be still for a minute!