Friday, January 15, 2010

Chapel with The Short One

Life always gets interesting after Chapel. The Short One attends Chapel each Wednesday at his Pre-K. I love it. I think it is VITALLY important to instill worship, morals and the Christian faith in children at a young age. While I enjoy sharing my faith and reading Bible stories to my son, it is important to me that he interact with other individuals who practice that faith as well, so that he is not only seeing it within his home, but at work out in the world where we live and interact. With that being said, we're all for Chapel. However, we usually have some new trial or tribulation after Chapel. It's usually amusing, humorous...and it makes me laugh. Although, I try not to laugh in front of The Short One because he takes it oh-so-seriously. For example, our last issue was due to the story of Samson and Delilah. You see, I didn't even know they had studied the story of Samson and Delilah until the weekend after Chapel...when it was time for "The Short One" to get his hair cut. He carried on, he didn't want to go, he was going to knock the scissors out of her hand and so the whining went. Getting a haircut has never been an issue I'm thinking, what in the WORLD? Until it all comes out... MOM! What if that lady cuts my hair off and then I lose all my strength like Samson and I can't wrestle with daddy anymore or build castles at school because I'm not strong!!! we have a nice big helping of imagination in our household. But I have to be careful with the "no, that can't happen" because then we go down this road..."So Bible stories are fairy tales?"... Hmmm...come on God, help a momma out...I'm getting into one predicament after another in the realm of explanations...

So, our latest Chapel event comes out tonight. And...I must say, I found it rather funny. My child is definitely alll boy. I've told him before that Jesus holds the world in his hands - we love singing "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands". So, in Chapel this week, the focus was the same - God takes care of us, He is holding us. Tonight, "The Short One" asks, "Momma, is Jesus holding me? Is He holding me allll the time? But I can't feel Him? Will He let go of me? Momma, are you sure? If He DOES let go of me, will I fall?" And here I am, being serious yet trying to be somewhat simple for a four year old mind to understand. Yes, He's holding you. Always. You can't feel it, will just know. He won't drop you. I promise. Therefore, you won't fall.

But "The Short One" wasn't convinced. And finally, after rounds of comes out. Why the questions were asked. Not because I have a truly interested child wanting to understand the lessons being taught in Chapel about his Heavenly Father, but because..."Well mom, are you sure he won't drop me? Because, if He's holding me right now, I just tooted on Him".

Laugh. That's all you can do. AND be thankful we have a Father that won't drop us...even when we "toot"

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Life as an Amberson said...

I have GOT to meet this boy! Too funny!!