Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crafting 101: The Short One Teaches... Uses for Toilet Tissue Rolls

I've taught first, second and third grade for eight years. I've been in the library and computer lab for two additional years, teaching third through fifth graders. I went to college, graduated with a BS in Elementary Education. I had a degree. I had binders. I was prepared to teach children (I thought). I went to college, graduated AGAIN...with a Master of Library and Information Sciences. I had another degree. I had more binders. I was ready to tackle the world with Children's Lit and Technology information. But...I had no schooling in crafting. So, through my son, The Short One, I'm earning my first degree.

Lesson #1: Crafty Uses for Toilet Tissue Rolls

Now, when I think of saving toilet tissue rolls, I think of making music makers for preschoolers, butterflies with wings, mummies by wrapping toilet tissue around it, you know, "elementary things". I am, after all, elementary minded. But, The Short One had a more interesting take on how to use a toilet tissue roll. I share this with you because...I am forever amazed.

As we were eating dinner one night, The Short One jumps up, runs to the restroom and yells, "Just potty-ing, momma!"...okay...but then...I hear him rummaging through the garbage in our bathroom. I keep eating and look at my hubby...hmmm...A moment later, my son comes out...but he looks...different. He has found, in his trash rummaging, an empty toilet tissue roll. Now, remember...he's four...he comes OUT of the bathroom and I almost spit out my dinner. As I watch my son walk across the room and sit back down in his chair, he is adjusting his "find" (an empty toilet tissue roll) which is now...IN HIS PANTS. Let's just say, it's very obvious. It's strategically placed. And, it's pointing at me. As The Short One sits and adjusts his new...*ahem*...toilet tissue roll appendage...I can NOT control it any longer...I burst out laughing. At this point, The Short One runs into the other room crying, all the while mumbling, "why does everyone have to laugh at me and my giant tee-tee?" So, I turned on my straight mommy face, snuggled him up in my arms, and explained why we don't dig in the trash, why we don't put toilet tissue rolls in our underwear and why we don't talk about our "tee-tees" at the dinner table...among other things... Ahhh...a day in the life...and a lesson in crafting that I never saw coming...


Samantha Cummings said...

That is so hilarious and adorable! That's something you'll never forget no matter how old he gets! Just think how funny it will be to tell him the story 15 years from now. ;-)

Life as an Amberson said...

LOL keep these stories coming!!

April V said...

:) lol

...and don't you just love when you find a craft that you can make with cheap things lying around the house!! :)