Friday, January 8, 2010

Do You Redbox? Free Movies!

I HEART Redbox!! Where else can you get FREE movies - on a pretty regular basis?!?! If you haven't ever rented movies from a Redbox, I highly suggest you start!! If you DON'T have a code for a free movie, the movies are still just $1/night. So, as long as you return them by the next night at 9pm, that's a pretty cheap movie night!

Even better? You can use Inside Redbox to get codes for FREE MOVIES!! Just scroll down and you'll see a GREAT list of codes. You simply put in the promo code when you're checking out at the Redbox and your movie will be free - as long as you only keep it one night!! The good thing is, you can use the code once per card, so you can rent a movie using your debit card and whatever charge cards you have USING THE SAME CODE! It will only CHARGE your card if you keep it longer than a night, which is why it asks for your card in the first place.

Not sure if you have a Redbox near you? You can find your closest Redbox here.

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sarah said...

wow i've never heard of redbox before. i've mostly been using netflix but i will hjave to look into this!

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