Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics - Free Fun!

My family is a BIG fan of Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics. What's better than FREE family fun?? If you haven't attended one of these clinics, it is DEFINITELY worth a trip! We've been to many of these and they just keep getting better! We've made a school bus, fire truck, snowman gift card holder, boat, treasure chest, gingerbread house, ball toss game and the list goes on. Today we made a bank - and it has been one of my favorite things yet!! The bank has different slots for each coin, a see through wall in front and lines with various amounts listed so children can see their money add up as they save! These clinics are a great way to spend quality time with your kids. My son has built with his dad, with me and with my dad (granddaddy). They receive a free apron, safety goggles, crafting kit and a patch for each event to add to their Lowe's apron. The instructions have always been precise and clear, easy enough for a mom (like myself) with no construction skills to follow - ha! The kind employees at Lowe's even have kiddie sized hammers for the little guys. The website says for ages 5 and up, but we've been going since my son was 3 and trust me, there are always little guys there, younger than 5. As long as you're there to assist, there shouldn't be a problem.

Want a suggestion? GET THERE EARLY! We were told by an employee that they only receive a specified number of kits - 25 at our location. So, if you get there too late, it's a possibility the kits will be gone! We have never experienced this personally, but I've seen a child get turned away because the 25 kits had been taken.

Lowe's typically offers Build and Grow Clinics every other week. You can go here to see the upcoming clinics - you can even preregister online!

Home Depot and Bass Pro Shops offer events similar to these. The nearest Home Depot is 45 minutes away from us, so we typically go to Lowe's, but Home Depot's events often offer snacks for the kids. However, they usually only have one per month. You can call your local Home Depot for more information. Bass pro Shops? Haven't ever attended one of theirs, but heard they were good. You may want to check into that one as well.

A special thank you to Lowe's for offering high quality, family fun that families can look forward to without having to worry about the cost! We Love Lowe's!

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