Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Short One Speaks Spanish

So recently my precious four year old boy was sitting on the couch with a cup full of milk - I know, mistake number one. I figure the couch is leather, the cup has a lid, we're semi-safe, yes? No. The lid comes off, the child starts to bouncing and milk goes everywhere. Before I could even see what was happening, I hear, "THAT SUCKS!"...ummm, excuse me?!?!

You see, we don't use the word "sucks" unless we're talking about a baby and a bottle or someone eating a lollipop. When I approach my sweet and precious son with, "WHAT did you just say?" I get...

What, momma?
Was it bad?
Am I not supposed to say that word?
What did you HEAR me say?

To which I reply, "We do NOT say the word 'sucks'...it's not a nice word and I don't want to hear it coming out of your mouth again, do you understand?"...at which point The Short One informs with a sly chuckle and innocent grin...

"Mom, it's Spanish for 'I spilled it', okay?"

This is one of those moments when you just walk away. Do not argue with the four year old. Do not laugh when he is being disciplined. Because I wanted to do both. Just...walk...away. And, ban the Spanish language from the home...at least, temporarily.


Anonymous said...

Too funny ! When my 10 year old was about 'Short One's age.. I heard her say 'damn.' I about fell out in the floor! So I did the same..excuse me..whatttt just came out of your mouth? And she very quickly said, with barbie doll in hand..there's a big river right here and Im 'damnin' it up so my 'arby' can get across to the other side.. So, not only did she LIE, but she put creative effort into it also.. that was the moment as a mother I thought..oh boy..Ive got my work cut out with this one ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL too cute :) But in spanish that sucks, does not exsist. Its said: Se me Cayo!!!!! Aww now its even funnier because he was just pulling your leg and messing around with you...... they are young but smart :) gotta love them