Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Photo Book

I SO love good photo deals. I try to watch for them throughout the year and stock up for Christmas gifts...but this year, they're coming faster than I can take pictures - ha! Which I guess, is a good thing!

You can get a free 7x9, 20 page photo book from Shutterfly by using the promo code READYMADEBOOK. . . you'll pay $5 shipping, but for a great gift/photo book - that's a great deal!! These are regularly priced around $15.99!

To get started, go to Shutterfly, select the photo book tab and click on the 7x9 book. That's it - you're on your way! I always suggest sitting down to do this when you have PLENTY of time to resize and crop pictures...and decide on page layouts. Sometimes the perfect book takes a little time! :)


Nicole-Lynn said...

Thank you!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I saw on another blog it expires today, 1/26! Just FYI. :)