Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homework Lessons with The Short One

So my son, a.k.a. The Short One, doesn't like homework. We've figured this out already at the early age of four. He only goes to school three half days a week, so it's not like he has LOTS of homework. His preschool teacher has asked that we practice writing his name...ALOT. The Short One is smart. I know he's smart. I've been told by friends and strangers...he's smart. However, it's how we channel our "smartness" that makes all the difference. For The Short One, he doesn't like to sit still. He can do ALL things IF he wants to. I reviewed spelling his name with him for MONTHS, trying to get him to remember. It wasn't until I said, "You know that toy store that's JUST for kids? I bet there's something really special for you in there if you can tell daddy how to spell your name"...at this point he asks, "Momma, HOW do you spell my name again?"...from that point on - HE HAD IT. He knows it. It's a year later and he still knows. Because...Toys R Us made all the difference.

A few weeks ago his teacher sent home practice sheets for him to write his name. I found myself caught up in the ramblings and reasonings of a four year old. It went something like this...

Mom, I know how to spell my name, why should I have to WRITE it?

Mom, I'm only four. Why do I even have homework? I'm not in big boy school yet.

Mom, Ms. J's class doesn't have homework, why does Ms. D's class have homework?

I think Ms. D said to practice once, not a lot.

I don't WANT to write my name.

I CAN'T write my name.

It will take me forEVER.

If you get me some pudding, I MIGHT write my name.

And then I remembered...I'M the mom. No arguing. No reasoning. Just. Because. I. Am. Your. Mother. This doesn't go over well with The Short One. He wants logic. He wants answers. He wants to know why. At some point in our conversation, as The Short One was still talking, I folded his beloved blanket, reached up to place it on top of the refrigerator and something magical happened. I turned around and his homework sheet was FINISHED. Done. It was as if the homework fairy swooped down and sprinkled her fairy dust. You see, The Short One has a love affair with his blanket. Better known in our home as "tag". Because he rubs tag, he loves her, it's his snuggly. And in times like this, it comes in great handy. Thank you, Tag, for helping out with homework time. I may love you more than D, The Short One.

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