Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm a Winner, You're a Winner

I am going to admit, I LOVE blog giveaways. I've become addicted to them. I could sit and enter them for HOURS. I've won so many things and trust me, I am NOT typically a lucky person!! It's so exciting to come home, check your email and discover...you've won! Today I found out I've won a G-Force DVD from Here and There. That is the cutest movie EVER!! My son loved it and I know he'll be super excited to OWN it!! Trust me, if you're not entering blog giveaways, you should. Here are just a few of the items I've won throughout the past year:

Zhu Zhu Pet
Casio Watch
$50 Visa gift card
$30 Target gift card
$50 Wal-mart gift card
$25 Lowe's gift card
Imagination Movers CD
Game Night Family Package (several card games, Battleship, Monopoly, Connect 4)
Melt it Off Weight Ball and DVD
Totally Toned Arms Book
GE Microwave
Hormel Pasta Dishes
Super Hero Trading Cards
Halloween Candy Dish
Custom "Dad, My Hero" Keychain

...and the list goes on...it's so exciting!! I find it REALLY saves me a lot of money by helping me stock up on birthday and Christmas gifts - and the gift cards speak for themselves!! If you haven't been entering giveaways, there are a TON of places to start. You can simply type in "blog giveaway" on google and the list will be never-ending. Here are some of my favorite places to start:

Mom Fuse

The Funky Monkey

5 Minutes for Giveaways

Deal Seeking Mom's Weekly Giveaway Gathering

Etsy Giveaways (handmade)

So what are you waiting for? Enter those giveaways! I would love to hear about items you have won in the past as well as your favorite giveaway spot...it's fun to share and be inspired! Good Luck!


Samantha Cummings said...

Giveaways are really fun!! I've won crystal beads and a really cute t-shirt so far. :-) Thanks for the information.

Jennifer H said...

Girl, I am right there w/you! I just won my 13th giveaway today! And it's been less than a month...I am So hooked! You have a cute site and I'm glad I'll be here to see it grow. :)

Giveaways 4 Mommy said...

So glad you found my site. I hope you enjoy hosting this type of blog. It is a lot of hard work but a lot of fun! You will meet so many great people. Best of luck with it and I'll be checking back often. I've become a follower!